Dark Tales: Snow White

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The card game Dark Tales is inspired by classic fairy tales, retold in a dark style. The land of Dark Tales is populated by disturbing creatures and sinister characters, and the interaction between cards and magic items is the key to success: A character, event, or sword used at the right time can determine the fate of the game! Thanks to the many setting cards, the items you collect change their power from game to game.
Más Información
BGG 166159
Edad de 10 a 14 años, de 14 a 18 años
Núm. jugadores 2, 3, 4
Tiempo de juego 90
Editorial Giochi Unitio
Idioma Español
Envío gratis No
Components 24 tarot-sized playing cards 2 setting cards 2 gold coins 2 laced bodices 1 comb 1 poisoned apple 2 burning shoes 33 victory points tokens Rulebook
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