Houses of Hermes - True Lineages

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The True Lineages are the backbone of the Order of Hermes. In these four Hermetic Houses, each magus was taught by a magus of the House, and that master-apprentice relationship goes back to the founders. This sourcebook details the four True Lineages, including rules for original research, unique forms of magic, and new Virtues and Flaws.
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House Bonisagus descends from the two magi who created the Order, and continues to supply knowledge and leadership. House Guernicus upholds the Code of Hermes as the official judges and investigators of the Order. House Mercere holds the magi of Mythic Europe together by facilitating communication, encouraging trade, and aiding their sodales. House Tremere provides the strength of the Order, exerting its influence to control events and prepare for coming battles. These are the True Lineages. Without them all, the Order of Hermes would surely fall.
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