Dragon's Gold

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Faidutti is the award-winning designer of Citadels, Mascarade and Queen’s Necklace (with Bruno Cathala). In this treasure-hunting game, killing the dragons is the easy part, but agreeing how to split the loot with fellow dragon slayers is complicated.
Más Información
BGG 1042
Edad de 10 a 14 años, de 14 a 18 años
Núm. jugadores 3, 4, 5, 6
Tiempo de juego 45
Editorial White Goblin Games
Idioma Inglés
Dependencia del idioma Media
Each player controls a team of dragon hunters, and after the dragon is slain, the hunting party members must agree how to split the treasures and magical objects before the 60-second sand timer runs out. IDW has updated minor elements for the new edition. The game uses German Nobile’s original art, but has increased color tone to improve separation between colors when playing adventurer cards. This color improvement has also been applied to the player screens. This edition will also replace the bland wood treasure pieces with plastic gems.
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