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Gamemastery Campaign Workbook

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A great GM is always thinking about his campaign, scribbling down a note about a cruel trick to play on his players in one notebook while composing diabolical dungeons in another. Instead, we suggest the Campaign Workbook, a handsome 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" spiral-bound campaign journal small enough to carry with you at all times but big enough to handle all your campaign planning needs.
Más Información
Edad de 14 a 18 años
Editorial Paizo
Idioma Español
A contact list keeps all your players' addresses and phone numbers in one handy place. A PC registry helps you keep track of the characters' key skill bonuses and combat information. Basic campaign forms provide a place for general campaign notes and house rules. A campaign calendar tracks in-game events, character birthdays, and important holidays. Blank map templates allow you to sketch out your campaign world from sea to shining sea, including global, continental, and local area maps. Game logs provide graph paper and lined pages for notes and drawings. An NPC list tracks key characters and provides a handy place to take notes when things change during the course of play. A quote log helps you record your player's best statements for posterity. Design your deadly dungeons in the same place you track your characters' experience points!
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