Jungle Brunch

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Jungle Brunch is the fun and quick card game of hungry animals
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Edad de 6 a 8 años, de 8 a 10 años
Tiempo de juego 20
Editorial Giochi Uniti
Idioma Español
for the whole family! In the jungle everybody is very, very hungry,,, what food can you find for your animals? You need to find the tastiest food, but watch out for dangerous predators that hope to eat you! Play your cards carefully… escape from the tigers and keep an eye on the sky in case a vulture is watching you, little animals make a great dessert! You have to decide: should you eat before the other animals, or keep safe in a gang? Snakes, monkeys, bats, this jungle is really crowded. But in the end, the warthog always cleans everything up! Can you gather up the tasties treats? Find out with a nice Jungle Brunch!
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