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The Speicherstadt

22,31 €
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Hamburg around 1900 - the gate to the world. Within the harbour there stretches a unique complex of storehouses: Speicherstadt. The network of canals and bridges houses a terminal for spices, coffee, tea and carpets from all over the world.
Más Información
BGG 66505
Edad de 8 a 10 años, de 10 a 14 años, de 14 a 18 años
Núm. jugadores 2, 3, 4, 5
Tiempo de juego 60
Medidas 27,30 cm × 18,90 cm × 6,50 cm
Editorial Pegasus Spiele
Idioma Español
Envío gratis No
As one of Hamburg´s wholesaler at the heyday of the Speicherstadt you acquire shiploads for the storehouses, not too expensive, of course, as you like to make a profit selling them. Who makes the best deals within a year and supplies his clients with the right goods will be the winner of the game. But beware! Sudden fires cause heavy losses. You might be adviced to invest in fire protection early. Playing Speicherstadt you will be thrilled by the simple and original mechanism of acquiring desired action cards.
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